Secure Retirement Village Projects in France

Monday 16th February 2015

Since 2009, LEISURE & LAND have been working on various projects to create a secure Village Lifestyle for retired people in France – and elsewhere in Europe.

The two markets which have suffered less from the crash are retirement and student accommodation.

In France, the governments have been offering tax incentives to French tax payers to invest in such projects as the demand will never be satisfied.

Downsizing, security, community life, low energy costs are what we require as we get older, even if we do not always recognise this need until very late in life?

The aim of all governments is to make it possible for people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, to reduce the cost to the state and major advances have been made in autonomy at home.

In addition, there are the first signs of a major revolution in building materials to obtain minimum energy consumption.

Concrete is now out of date and farmed timber is returning as a viable alternative.

One of our aims at LEISURE & LAND is to assist in the development and introduction of these two concepts, in parallel.

Investment and foresight is required: for more information please e-mail:

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