Hotels / Gites Properties

Leisure & Land is one of the leading agencies in the UK specialising in leisure businesses in France.

We believe that leisure is one of the safest investments for people looking for a change of lifestyle and an income; however, knowledge of French and some management experience is essential. The prime factor in buying any business is finance and our role is to ensure that our clients have sufficient resources to purchase, improve and live on the business they buy.

For a family to maintain a reasonable living standard from a campsite or small hotel, we advise a minimum cash investment of £500,000.

In addition to this amount, borrowing may be needed; we recommend buying an established business, with a known turnover to minimize the future risks. It is much easier to improve than to create.

Many people contact us with a project to create a camping or leisure business from scratch – this is not a good idea – bureaucracy and EEC regulations may take 1-2 years to satisfy and then the business will need to become established before showing any profit.

Owners of businesses in France will not give out accounts and financial information prior to a visit; the information on our listing is all we have available.