Retirement Properties / Park Homes Properties

France remains one of the top choices for many Northern European countries and Britain in particular.

The diversity of the country, from mountains to two coasts, Atlantic and Mediterranean; the climate, the space and the French way of life!

Leisure & Land has studied the options for the over 55's in France for several years and believe we have the solution

  • A community is essential, to be close, but not on top of like-minded people.
  • Security is very important, with access to bi-lingual people who can help at all times.
  • Peace of mind; no worries about maintenance of a large house and garden.
  • Activities; to be able to join in when you want to, or be on your own, when you don't.
  • Many retirement homes are flats, with little or no outdoor space, which is not ideal.
  • Low energy consumption; all types of heating are becoming more and more expensive

If you are already living in France, or have a holiday home and you are planning to retire to France, let us value your existing property, assist with the sale and offer an alternative lifestyle?

Our increased involvement in the Leisure and Tourist market has prompted us to assist in the sale of units on new developments and park-home sites in Europe. Owning a luxury park home on a well-equipped site can be an ideal holiday solution for a family.

A chalet on the coast of France, Morocco or many other countries offers an economical way to escape English winters.

Fractional ownership of a super villa on a golf course is another, increasingly popular holiday solution. We are developing our own website dedicated to Fractional sales in Europe -