Project Properties

One fact which has become far more evident following the recent property and stock market crisis, is the need for developers and investors to have the right advice BEFORE committing to any property project in France (or any foreign country).

When the market was in full swing, any property sold, many with amazing "guarantees" of 6 – 10% return on investment. Thousands of "leaseback" properties were sold in France, often unseen, to clients who were convinced that the rental income would pay the mortgage and all expenses... i.e. a free property. Developers and investors bought sites all over France, with the aim to build and sell; often without any real strategy, market studies, or secure financing for the development of the project. Similar to Time-share, a basically good product soon had a bad reputation, due to over selling.

We have seen it all; over the past 20 years we have been involved in all types and sizes of project and, we have seen the same mistakes made too often. Today, investors must be more realistic as to the “pay-back” time for a project; quick profit is more difficult and more risky now. 3 -5 years is a realistic time-frame to obtain sensible returns on a development and this is after the zoning and outline planning has been obtained; which can also take 2-3 years for a "green site".

Our team has been brought together to offer, as the name implies, the link between the investor and the ultimate buyer of the properties. Architects, accountants, project managers, lawyers, marketing agencies, environmental specialists, golf consultants, etc. are here to insure the success of any size of property project. France is a vast country, with different applications of rules and regulations in different regions. It is essential to have local, professional people to create and manage a project.

Our role is to coordinate, advice, source local professionals to deal with planning and all administration, And to insure the project has a dedicated support team to maximize the success.

Too often, we are contacted to save, rather than create a project and this inevitably equates to higher costs, compromises and consequently lower profits. Given the right circumstances and the right timing, we can offer a full service to developers, often on a part fee, part profit share basis to reduce cash flow at the outset.

It costs nothing to talk to us, and we guarantee to save you time and money!

  • Sourcing potential sites.
  • Due diligence & negotiations to purchase.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Sourcing funding & partners.
  • Sourcing specialist consultants for different studies – water, environment, etc...
  • Project creation – product types – packaging –pricing, in collaboration with architects.
  • Preparation of planning applications, negotiations with authorities.
  • Construction supervision – tenders - contract coordination.
  • Interior design & decoration.
  • Insurance.
  • Marketing strategy & sales.
  • Management structure – property rentals - conferences