Leisure & Land is now focusing on new methods of prefabricated, composite construction.



SINCE 2016 A CHANGE OF DIRECTION. The need to remove the millions of tons of waste which pollutes our planet and to transform potential landfill into affordable homes and buildings.

The first step

The first step of our concept is virtually complete: The replacement of steel, timber and concrete    by reinforced fibreglass with the aim to include  the maximum of natural fibres and resins.

Step 2

Step 2 is to produce a range of insulated sandwich composite panels made from the maximum of recycled waste, plastics and vegetal. 


We are almost there 

We are almost there, We are currently completing final testing of 2 different products to make our insulation for the sandwich panel.                                         Low density foam made from recycled waste. 


The simplest ideas are the best: 

Use plastic waste as a resource for the ever growing need for homes and buildings.

Waste, especially plastic waste, is now a major global issue in all countries, rich and poor. 

For years rich countries have exported this problem to the poorer countries. This is changing, with many under -developed countries stopping the import of waste due to technical limitations and political pressure. 

The solution: 

Convert plastic waste into a building material, to construct schools, homes, hospitals, office buildings, emergency shelter… anything. 

All this, and it costs at least 30% less than traditional building methods.



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